Episode 105: D&C 10 – Section 18

February 1, 2016


Episode 105: D&C 10 – Section 18

God (or Jesus, still not sure which is which) gives some revelating to Joe, David, and Ollie, and basically tells them a bunch of stuff they should already know. Then they get some homework as they have to find 12 superheroes that are going to save all the souls of the earth. And as a final footnote, we find out that women will be allowed in heaven.  Who knew?

“Drink!” Count – 14

About 2 and a half beers


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5 Comments on “Episode 105: D&C 10 – Section 18”

  1. saintralph343 Says:

    Letting women into heaven may or may not make a very big difference to men. Have Bryce explain the term “TK Smoothie” sometime.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    “The web that is the different types of Mormonism”, you say? It’s not to scale either by church size or distance apart in time, but here’s an interesting attempt at depicting the various Mormon schisms:


  3. St. Ralph Says:

    Holy shitóle, Batman! I had no idea there were that many. And . . . If this was made during the Hinckley regime, there may be one or two more branches down there in the red/orange regions by now. It’s nice to know, though, that when your out shopping for a religion you have so many variations to choose from.


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