Episode 96: D&C 1 – Introduction (with Co-Host Bryce!)

October 12, 2015


Episode 96: D&C 1 – Introduction

I’m back!! Sorry to all the Mymos for the long wait. But good news, I’m pleased to introduce the show’s new co-host: Bryce Blankenagel from the Naked Mormonism Podcast! I’m so happy to have him on-board!

In this episode Bryce and I unintentionally stumble across some major discrepancies between the original publication of the D&C and the most recent version. Then after a rather comical introduction, we follow Jesus on his tour of the US Northeast and then the Midwest, with some rather odd stops along the way (at one point Jesus is in prison?!?).

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11 Comments on “Episode 96: D&C 1 – Introduction (with Co-Host Bryce!)”

  1. Yarjka Says:

    I’ve been checking the website everyday for an update. So glad to hear you again!


  2. Phonin' It In From Kolob Says:

    I really enjoyed the co-host format. I think this is going to be very interesting, especially the comparison of the different editions of the D&C. This revising and fudging of “revelation” after the fact is very revealing (pun viciously intended). I’m anxiously awaiting more revelation of the nature of revelation.


  3. help3434 Says:

    Joseph Smith did write an account of the first vision in 1832, but it didn’t say anything about Jesus appearing as a separate being. That wasn’t until his 1838 account of the vision.


    • Clint Kimball Says:

      Joseph Smith told his family about the Angel Moroni visit in 1823, and he started telling his neighbors in 1827, but he didn’t tell ANYBODY about the first vision until at least 1832. Strange that “all the sects” and “all classes of men” persecuted him because of it, but none of them ever remembered any of it, even in his own family. Hmmm…


  4. Jim-Bo-Grand Says:

    I am still bing listening to BOM podcast and am still in 3rd nephi. So excited
    To get caught up.


  5. Clint Kimball Says:

    We definitely need to start a new drinking game! I say, based on how much fun it was to hear Michael’s reaction to the name dropping from the Bible in this episode, like John the Baptist ordaining Joseph Smith, I vote that we take a drink every time the D&C drops the name of a person or place from the Bible or the Book of Mormon. So Nephites, Jerusalem, Melchizedek, etc… I’ll even give you Zion.


    • Clint Kimball Says:

      I just thought about it, and it could get really complicated, so the rules would have to be simple and clear. Proper names only. Deities count, so Jesus Christ, Satan, Lucifer, Jehovah, Elohim, all are drinks. No titles like Lord, Redeemer, Devil, Holy Ghost, or God. Also, Mormon in “Book of Mormon” counts. Names of modern people, like Joseph Smith, Peter Whitmer, Hiram Page, don’t count, even though their names are Biblical. It has to specifically be referring to a Bible or Book of Mormon character.

      Proper names of things also count, such as Urim and Thummim, or Liahona. If this is too complicated I understand.


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      Some of our drinking game favorites will still work. “Yea” and “verily, verily” will show up fairly often. “And it came to pass” we’ll only see a meager handful of times, however, if that.

      My nomination for a new drinking word is “Behold”, as the Lord of the D&C prefaces a lot of his statements with it, several hundred such statements, in fact.

      Another good one might be “my servant, [so and so]”. The Lard’s always saying stuff like, “and let my servant Joseph Smith go with my servant Oliver Cowdery, and visit my servant Martin Harris…” There are some verses out there that would have a good half dozen drinks in them!


  6. Mr. H. Says:

    All in favour of “Behold” as the new drinking game please manifest it. Any opposed by the same sign.


    • Mr. H. Says:

      fyi – “behold” is mentioned 470 times in D&C
      “verily” is mentioned 332 times (but often times it’s a “verily, verily”)
      “My servant” is mentioned 334 times.


  7. RVD Says:

    I’ve listened to every podcast up through this one as well as your mormon stories podcast and I’ve enjoyed the ride a lot but I have to say that having a co-host bring in so many spoilers was definitely not as enjoyable as hearing you encounter things in isolation. I know he kept saying he wasn’t giving spoilers but it just felt less authentic with an insider there to explain things (or even hint at things he wouldn’t explain).

    I’ll still keep listening and I’m sure I’m in the minority who enjoyed this one less so feel free to ignore my feedback but I’d suggest at least occasionally going back to the solo format to restore that refreshing sense of surprise and disbelief that made me laugh so much over the last several months (I started listening earlier this year and had to take several days to catch up).

    For context, I’m a former TBM but not yet progressive enough to do the drinking game (plus I listen while commuting so not the best idea anyway).


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