Episode 95: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories Part 2

September 19, 2015


Episode 95: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories Part 2

By popular demand, Roman is back! This time we tackle Lehi’s wild dreams, Nephi’s awesome ship building, and Roman even does a live test of the Liahona to see how well it works in real life!

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4 Comments on “Episode 95: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories Part 2”

  1. Mr. H Says:

    Good to have you back!
    Can’t wait to listen to it.


  2. Deg Says:

    Cute… 🙂 – wish Roman had more focus, but who can blame him.

    Dave, when you do the D&C can you read the episodes much in the same way that you did for the BoM, and then just add the expert commentary regarding historical components after your finish the chapters rather that banter that is constantly going back and forth?

    I’m looking forward to you starting the D&C. It’s awesome when you are completely clueless about what your reading and you try to make sense of it on your own, having an expert fill you in might take away from those scratching your head moments.

    In any case, it’s your show. Cheers.


  3. Miriam Says:

    I think the most logical part of the story is where everyone gets cranky and inappropriately vents their ire at Nephi when there is no food. Once they ate and their blood sugar came back up they were like “Oh, sorry bro. I was just hangry.”


  4. Phil Says:

    How about a brief interlude of Scientology readings? It can’t possibly be healthy to read all this LDS nonsense without respite.


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