Episode 71: Mormon 1-4

March 15, 2015


Click to Listen: Episode 71: Mormon 1-4

This is the “back and forth” episode. Everyone is good, then everyone gets evil. God likes the Nephites, then God hates the Nephites. The Nephites are winning the war, the Lamanites are winning the war, then the Nephites get the upper hand, then the Lamanites…

“Drink” Count – 49

A little over 8 beers


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9 Comments on “Episode 71: Mormon 1-4”

  1. Clint Kimball Says:

    There were so many fingerprints from Joseph Smith in these chapters, from the slippery treasures all the way down to Mormon’s (I mean Joseph Smith’s) exact age when he moved to Zarahemla (I mean Palmyra), that every time the armies went up (or down?) to the narrow neck of land, I couldn’t help but picture the American soldiers fighting the British in the Niagara Pass in 1812.


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      Also, Joseph Smith was 24 years old when he translated the Book of Mormon, the same age Mormon was when he took possession of the plates of Nephi.

      As for all the up is south, down is north confusion, this is probably meant as a topographical reference. Apparently, going south of the narrow neck of land the elevation increases, so you’re going up. Besides, why would we assume a totally legit ancient person like Mormon (right? right?) would be thinking in terms of modern cartography, where up means cardinal north?


      • Clint Kimball Says:

        I caught that 24-year-old one too. Other parallels I noticed – Mormon was also a Jr., Ammaron sounded like Luman Walters, Zarahemla was a thriving community, he was visited by God at age 15, he didn’t preach for several years, sorceries and magics, he was large in stature, Gentiles vs Lamanites = Americans vs Indians, Teancum vs Tecumseh. It’s just dripping with Joseph Smith.


      • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

        Wow, good catch on all those!


  2. Ephima Morphew Says:

    The movement driven by Angels in the Mormon Bible
    The BoM is history recorded and re-recorded ad nauseum as a tape loop is run for balling infantile bed wetters.
    I love the paucity of detail, the toing and froing of great armies that clash in never-ending inconsequential battles; they fight over what?
    Where are the details of battle, who are the generals, who do they fight for, why is the story line a narrative of such vague distinction, what’s the point?
    Our Prophet Joseph Smith is a great revelator but light on detail and substance;
    It is hoped it will all be sorted out in the end.
    Thank you David, I have found the Book of Mormon to be unreadable myself but you blaze through a blizzard of redundancy with barely a whimper, you breathe life in a text devoid of content as if it were a tomb worth reading.
    My ever present respect for a The Project of such Herculean ambiguity with so much squandered verbiage leading to a nihilistic view of human character. What moral conclusion can be drawn from such babel?
    Thanks David, Yey, drink.


  3. JHGRedekop Says:

    Yeah, the south probably has a higher elevation than the north. Remember that in ancient times, “Lower Egypt” was the part of Egypt near the Mediterranean coast (in the north), and “Upper Egypt” was the part towards the source of the Nile, in the south.


  4. colddodger2015 Says:

    Looking forward to the next little bit. Should be good.


  5. John ashton Says:

    David, if nothing else, this has proven to be a good book in psychology, right? Also, does Heineken make beer? I think they should sponsor you. Good luck. John.


  6. Scott Gines Says:

    It should also be noted that sober in this context doesn’t refer to non-drunkeness, but having a serious demeanor.


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