Episode 65: 3 Nephi 12 with Scott and Adam

February 5, 2015


Click to Listen: Episode 65: 3 Nephi 12

Back by very popular demand, Scott from My Biased Opinion joins us again to try and make sense of Jesus’ ramblings. We are then given a surprise visit by none other than the great Adam Reakes from The Herd Mentality Podcast, where we get a sneak peek at his latest audio masterpiece. Which is good, because we need something to entertain us while Jesus goes on and on trying to finish his second performance of the sermon on the mount.

“Drink” Count – 19 (this includes the 14 Verily’s)

Just a little over 3 beers


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11 Comments on “Episode 65: 3 Nephi 12 with Scott and Adam”

  1. JC Farrell Says:

    Was laughing out loud at work. It was so cathartic. a friend of mine died yesterday and I needed a good laugh. Thank you for all you do. You do an important work.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    “Let the mid-week special… shine a light on me…
    Let the mid-week special… shine a ever lovin’ light on me.”

    I say that if these last couple chapters prove anything, it’s that Jesus knows how to put on a rock show! First, make an awesome entrance, and build up some goodwill with the audience. Then it’s OK to start with a song off the new album no one likes, if you just stick to one at first. You know, remind the fans that you’re still relevant. But after that, what the peoples want to hear is some Greatest Hits! And Jesus delivers, going straight to the Sermon on the Mount, yo! (Seriously, that’s why the thought in one verse doesn’t always flow naturally into the next. The Sermon on the Mount is literally a mass of cobbled-together teachings, in other words, “Jesus’ Greatest Hits”.) Eventually Jesus will dip into the crappy new album material again, fear not! But Jesus knows how to put on a rock show. Don’t be surprised if in upcoming chapters he mixes things up a bit, and pulls out some covers of the other prophets’ hit jams, too! Golden oldies, I’m talkin’ about, real OT style!


  3. Tina Says:

    Tongue twisters and pseudo-Jacobean English galore! Mormons still read pretty much exclusively from the King James bible (as did Joseph Smith), and I’d bet money they always will. If you grow up Mormon reading KJV, then BOM language kinda fits into what you expect scripture to sound like. But for my friends who grew up reading NIV or another version of the Bible, BOM language seems utterly bizarre.

    I know you don’t read the italicized chapter headings – I promise, no spoilers! – but if you ever peek at them, each one in this part of 3 Nephi will tell you specifically which New Testament chapter to compare it to. This last chapter was Matthew 5. And Mormons really love comparing the two texts side by side. They don’t see it as plagiarism at all. They figure the message Jesus gave while he was alive was so important that he just had to repeat it to people all over the world.


    • I M Biased Says:

      Tina – I appreciate the perspective, and it makes sense from a religious context. However, from a historical context, it doesn’t fit. For example, most historians would agree that Christianity didn’t reach India until 600 years after Jesus. So it begs the question, why would Jesus only spread his message to what we consider the Western world?


      • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

        Somewhere in the Gospel of Luke (I think), a Gentile woman comes up to Jesus to beg for healing. He ignores her for a minute, but she persists, so he says basically, “Gee, I’d love to help you, but I’ve been sent only to the House of Israel, and it’s not fit that the children’s bread should be given to the dogs, so sorry, you’re SOL.” And she says, “True enough, Lord, but even the dogs get the occasional crumb that falls off the children’s plates, right?” And Jesus says, “You got me there. I guess I can spare a crumb for a Gentile. Be healed, then.”

        So the answer to why Jesus ignored India, and most of the world, was that they weren’t the right race of people, apparently. He’d visit Nephites, because they were Israelites, but those Gentiles didn’t deserve a personal visit from Jesus, for some reason.


      • help3434 Says:

        Since when has the Middle EAST and EASTERN Christianity in the EASTERN Roman Empire (Byzantine) been considered the Western World?


    • jwartena Says:

      The Church handbook of instructions still expressly forbids any translation of the Book of Mormon to a modern text, like the NIV is.

      I think it would be hilarious. Take away the ridiculous language that makes it seem serious and you’re left with a lot of very obviously poor writing and stories.

      Maintaining the KJV and language of the BoM keeps them “sacred” for members. Understanding the text is less important than having devotion to it.


  4. Tim Burton Says:

    You asked how Mormons think reserected bodies look? that would be Spoilers! Check out the king follet talk, or just the phase “infants in thrones”. Thanks for the laughs!


  5. Scott Gines Says:

    Wait a minute… aren’t Verily Verily’s supposed to be a drink??


  6. broofturker Says:

    I love hearing you guys, who haven’t been raised up in the Church be lost in things that are so basic to us, we can’t imagine someone else not getting it. It gives me new perspective. So being baptized by fire is being baptized by the Holy Ghost. Baptism by water is symbolism of cleansing, among other things, and receiving the Holy Ghost and being born again it’s a sanctifying…er that probably isn’t common language either. This is tough. So you are forgiven for sins through faith, repentance, and baptism, but you are actually refined and changed through the baptism of fire, or the Holy Ghost.
    I keep thinking, “Wow that isn’t clear to someone who hasn’t been taught.” how do we expect them to get that? Then I think, how do we expect the Nephites to get that? Fire and the Holy Ghost are only talked about in the New Testament, same with Raka by the way, so I am not sure how these Nephites would get that symbolism.


  7. Amy Says:

    I like these episodes because my boys are grown and out of the house and I sure do miss them. Even the bickering… Keep it up David and Scott.


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