Episode 57: Helaman 5-6

December 24, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 57: Helaman 5-6

Merry Christmas Mymos!

This one starts out a little preachy, but it doesn’t take long before the action starts. We’ve got people bursting into flames, god whispers from the sky, earthquakes, dark clouds covering the earth, and a whole lot more! And the surprises continue as the Nephites and Lamanites decide to switch sides in the whole “good guy/bad guy” thing.  Oh yeah, and then the evil capitalists finally defeat those godly socialists.

“Drink” Count – 61

A little over 10 beers!


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6 Comments on “Episode 57: Helaman 5-6”

  1. Dave Says:

    Wow, what a nice holiday gift for the Mymo Family! Thanks!


  2. Fel Says:

    The perfect present. ❤


  3. Dave Says:

    Reference to David’s Canaanite blood and Noah… Mormon’s believe the blood of Cain continued through Noah’s son Ham, who married a black woman.


  4. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    If you don’t have God constantly pouring out his warm, moist Spirit on you, it’s like being in a swimming pool when the water’s cold, so I think of “dwindling in unbelief” as meaning “spiritual shrinkage”.


  5. Tina Says:

    Fyi, on the issue of Canaanites after Noah’s flood… They were descendents of Canaan, not Cain. Canaan was one of the sons of Ham, who was the son of Noah and would have been on the ark. So there’s no discrepancy there.


  6. Scrumpyfan43 Says:

    This is a minor peeve, but it bugs me a little when the book talks about accumulating wealth and you call it capitalism, or helping the poor and you call it socialism. I figure you’re just being funny, but those words are so politically and morally fraught from the that it’s always a jarring to hear them when they’re not being used in the technical sense. It’s like a hear a record scratch and we’re back in the Cold War, though maybe that’s just because I love immersing myself in terrible political media.

    Funnily enough, according to Wikipedia both socialism and modern capitalism developed right around 1830, when the Book of Mormon was published. COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY??


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