Episode 56: Helaman 1-4

December 21, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 56: Helaman 1-4

We start out with lots of family drama since our good friend Pahoran went off and died. After a lot of killing, the Lamanites sneak in again and take the Zarahemla with barely a fight. The struggle for land possessions goes back and forth as both sides try to out “stiffneck” each other.

“Drink” Count – 65

Almost 11 beers!


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One Comment on “Episode 56: Helaman 1-4”

  1. Scott Gines Says:

    The “working with cement” is kind of a big deal for Mormons. In the early to mid 1900’s, the “anti-Mormons” (which means anyone who looks at Mormonism with the least bit of a critical eye) claimed that mesoamerican cement was an anachronism. Nobody had found any evidence that cement existed from that time period.

    But then some cement was found, which appeared to match the right period.

    Now the Mormon apologists can (and do) claim it as proof of the BoM authenticity and also that every other anachronism in the Book of Mormon is just something that hasn’t yet been found.


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