Episode 54: Alma 58-60

December 12, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 54: Alma 58-60

The Nephites lose another city and Moroni decides that it’s all the government’s fault. Then he goes into conspiracy theory mode and threatens a military coup if the government doesn’t give in to his demands. The stage is set for more excitement as the never ending book of Alma isn’t done yet!

“Drink” Count – 69

11 and a half beers!!


And a huge thank you to the Mymo Family for their support of the Dogma Debate 24 Hour Broadcastathon for Foundation Beyond Belief (Press Release)

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2 Comments on “Episode 54: Alma 58-60”

  1. Nick D Says:

    Hey!!! I’m officially caught up. I’m downloading this episode as we speak (as I type), and will finally be able to play the drinking game.
    As a never-mo with a group of ex-mo friends from Utah, I’ve always wanted to read the BoM. This show has made that goal possible, so thank you David. Though, listening to 53 episodes in two weeks was a little rough… Wouldn’t recommend it.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I always thought Helaman’s epistle to Moroni was bizarre, and not just because of that brief stretch where he started referring to himself in third person, which I supposed must have been the abridger of the plates cutting out some of Helaman’s long-windedness, but then why stop there? No, the oddest part was the timing. Moroni receives the epistle at the beginning of the 30th year, but Helaman’s account starts back in the 26th year and goes up until the 29th year “in the latter end”. You were a bit confused about that; he just meant it was the latter end of the 29th year, that the year was almost over. Anyway, why is the general at one front of the war waiting so long to update his commander-in-chief on the state of the war in his area? I can just imagine Sherman telling Grant, “I’ll let you know how this march to the sea goes. Expect my report in three years.”


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