Episode 53: Alma 57 with Bryce Blankenagel

December 8, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 53: Alma 57 with Bryce Blankenagel

We finally have another guest! This time Bryce Blankenagel from Naked Mormonism Podcast joins us to talk about his show and to enjoy some good old Alma action. Those amazing 2000 boys are at it again laying waste to everything in their path. They are truly unstoppable!

“Drink” Count – 26

Almost 4 and a half beers


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3 Comments on “Episode 53: Alma 57 with Bryce Blankenagel”

  1. Roger Says:

    Definitely a fun episode to listen to. I’ve been in readings myself where someone picked up at the wrong verse, especially when people are tired and lazy, and it’s easier to pass around the one large print book of mormon than for everyone to run get their own personal copies.


  2. Scott Gines Says:

    Great episode! Bryce brings great energy to the show. Hope to hear him again soon.


    • Anonymous Says:

      Love this podcast! I am a 67 yr old exmo and am finding out how much Mormonism has corrupted my family including alcoholism, depression and an attempt to be perfect. I could not succeed an just gave up. I could not come up to my 5 siblings success,


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