Episode 47: Alma 41-43

November 2, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 47: Alma 41-43

This one starts out a little slow with Alma tying, quite poorly, to explain god’s plan. But it is pretty entertaining hearing him try. Then, we finally get our battle that we were promised several episodes ago! And, as we hoped, it gets nice and bloody real fast! Don’t be disappointed by the lack of drinks in the beginning of the episode, there’s plenty of drinking during the battle!

“Drink” Count – 37

A little over 6 beers


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3 Comments on “Episode 47: Alma 41-43”

  1. Scott Gines Says:

    For what it’s worth, some of my favorite parts of your reading is when you stop and tear apart the theology espoused by the Book of Mormon. You are spot on with your assessments and just how ridiculous they are when applied to the real world.

    I think as former believers, indoctrinated from birth with this stuff, it’s incredible to hear you take these arguments, that we just accepted as truth, and shred them. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve said, “oh wow… I never thought of it like that! That passage is ridiculous!!”

    Thanks again for all you do!!


  2. Amy Says:

    I know I’m late to the game…but….Sorry to hear about your break-up. You know this is what happens when you read the Book of Mormon–just kidding. Hang in there. Sending you internet thoughts and hugs.


  3. Catherine Says:

    I think you’re actually wrong about thanking the women. What Moroni was talking about was the sacred support we owe our women ie the support the men are obliged to give to the women and children. It’s the men who get the pat on the back for fighting to support the (unknown) women and children, and it’s because the men had to support them, that the men fought so hard.

    So, still sexist.


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