Episode 40: Alma 20-22 (drunk again)

September 29, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 40: Alma 20-22

Well, everyone said that they like David even more when he’s drunk, so he played the drinking game again! Anyway, in this episode Ammon’s brothers try to duplicate his missionary success. What a bunch of copycats.  Oh, and we get confirmation that Ammon and Lamoni are definitely a couple.

“Drink” Count – 27

4 and a Half Beers


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8 Comments on “Episode 40: Alma 20-22 (drunk again)”

  1. Tina Says:

    Re: geography. There are many theories. For years, many prominent Mormon apologists supported the idea that the Book of Mormon probably took place somewhere in Central America. You can see a proposed map of how the BOM might correlate to Central America here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limited_geography_model

    On the flip side, critics argue the names match very closely to names in the Great Lakes region and that Smith simply modified names of towns that already existed in his vicinity (e.g., Kishkiminetas, PA became “Kishkumen”). For a detractor’s point of view, see pp. 9 and 10 of http://cesletter.com/Letter-to-a-CES-Director.pdf.

    As you noted, none of it really matters, and it’s not integral to the book.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I was a big map and atlas nerd as a kid, so I was really annoyed that the Bible had a bunch of cool maps of Palestine in the back of the book, but the Book of Mormon had nothing. Possibly the only map that was ever published in any official church publication is the map below, which shows a landmass with only a vague shape, and does not attempt to equate Book of Mormon places with any known locations:

    Most likely, the author of the Book of Mormon intended the “narrow neck” of land to refer to Panama, or even the entirety of Central America, with the “land northward” being North America and the “land southward” being South America. But, as Tina said, apologists prefer “limited geography” theories rather than the hemispheric model, because while all geographic theories are problematic, limiting the geography eliminates certain problems, while bringing up others. In short, there’s a reason the church hasn’t produced an official map.

    Is this important? Meh. The only part that’s important to the plot is that the Nephites live north of the Lamanites, south of this narrow neck of land, which prevents the Lamanites from migrating north and surrounding the Nephites on all sides.

    A few other notes:

    Amulonites – Amulon was the chief of the wicked priests of King Noah that kidnapped Lamanite daughters and then joined up with the Lamanites. Apparently the descendents of these priests are still a distinct people among the Lamanites.

    Amalekites – This is either a case of the narrator forgetting to tell us who these people are, or inadvertently forgetting the correct name of the “Amlicites” from Alma chapters 2-4. Considering the Amlicites were of the order of Nehor, and the Amalekites also seem to be Nehors, I prefer to think the second theory is the correct one. If so, the narrator runs with it, because we never hear of Amlicites again.

    Speaking of the narrator, he’s starting to become more obtrusive, isn’t he? He actually did identify himself already, in the chapter immediately proceeding the Book of Mosiah…


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      Not sure what happened to the first link. Here’s the map again:


    • Sheroada Honda Says:

      Interestingly, the dictionary found in the LDS Scripture app describes the Amalekites as an Arab tribe living in the desert of Paran in the Middle East who warred with the Hebrews and is referenced in a number of Old Testament passages; there is no mention that they were also a tribe in BOM lands. I agree with you that the Amalekites are probably the Amilcites; the Amilcites are not listed in this same dictionary. I think the author (JS with his hat and peep stone) goofed!


  3. Fel Says:

    Honestly, I find you entertaining whether you’re sober or drunk. I hope you’re not feeling pressured to drink just to entertain us.


  4. bdjevestigio Says:

    Don’t try to play along with David with Wild Turkey. Just sayin.


  5. bdjevestigio Says:

    Just a word to the wise (I’m not) don’t try to play along using Wild Turkey. Bad scene.


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