Episode 33: Alma 7-9

August 28, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 33: Alma 7-9

Alma gets spit on and kicked out of town, which pisses off god so much that he’s ready to lay waste to the whole city. Not only that, god’s prepared to partner up with the Lamanites to make it happen! Oh yeah, and there’s a lot more of Alma preaching.

“Drink” Count – 42

Exactly 7 Beers!


And don’t forget to check out Mymo Prophet Timion’s awesome book:

“Forgotten Faith – Six Years in Mormonism” By Matthew Timion

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4 Comments on “Episode 33: Alma 7-9”

  1. Bishop Lucy Says:

    “Easy to be entreated” Easily convinced, you do what people tell you do to. Obedience and submissiveness important. Do bother yourself with thinking or figuring things out, just do what people tell you to.


  2. Fel Says:

    I put Forgotten Faith on my wishlist on Amazon. I just spent 200 bucks yesterday buying stuff for youtube work and whatnot, plus bills are coming so I should wait until next paycheck before buying it, at the very least.

    Wasn’t there another book you recommended a few podcasts ago? Or maybe it was a podcast or something. I think it would really help if there was a link in the description, linking to these things because I listen to my ipod, while laying down in bed so I can really think about what’s being said, and I’m not near my computer to look up what you’re recommending most of the time.


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