Episode 31: Alma 2-4

August 18, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 31: Alma 2-4

Wow, this is a bloody episode. I feel like I should add an explicit warning label on this one just for all the gory violence in these chapters! And not only that, we’ve got corpses being made into a land bridge across a river, and then people being “cleansed” in the same river! I don’t know what else to say, this one is just messed up…

“Drink” Count – 40

Almost 7 Beers!!


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8 Comments on “Episode 31: Alma 2-4”

  1. Fel Says:

    Are you going to be uploading 2 episodes a week or 1? I recall something about there being 2 episodes and I kept refreshing all day Thursday but to no avail. Maybe I just dreamt of you saying there would be 2.


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      I’ve always committed to releasing an episode every Monday. However, I also committed to two extra episodes per month if we reached the Patreon goal, which we did. So, at least twice a month you should expect a Thursday episode in addition to the Monday releases. And, if by some miracle we reach the second goal on Patreon, I’ve committed to releasing two episodes a week, as well as one of those extra episodes being a Mymo Special (like Episode 16).

      I’d hate for you to have to check your phone every Thursday, so instead there are several ways to be notified when a new episode is released. The easiest way would be to “Follow” the blog. There’s a button on the right side of the homepage that says “Follow podcast via Email”, and if you click that you can sign up to get an email the moment I upload a new episode. In addition, I always post to various social media outlets when a new episode is available. So, you could:
      Follow me on Twitter @mybookofmormon
      Like the Facebook page at Facebook.com/mybookofmormonpodcast
      Or even keep an eye on the subreddit /r/exmormon.

      I hope that helps! And I promise, I’m pumping them out as fast as I can!


  2. Will Roberts Says:

    Make sure and tell your TBM friend to visit http://cesletter.com. And of course, visit /r/exmormon if s/he needs anything!


  3. Roger Says:

    David, absolutely loved your analysis that the Laminites hate the Nephite religion and not the Nephite people. I think you should keep running with that…


    • Fel Says:

      That remark blew my mind. All my life I just thought the Lamanites were petty and racist but, nope, they just hate theocracy (and God’s the racist one). Now that’s a M Night Shyamalan style twist.


    • jwartena Says:

      Well, the Nephite religion does condemn their entire culture as an “abomination,” even going so far as to elevate the Nephites’ racism to a sign of God’s favor.

      I’d be pretty upset too.


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