Episode 17: Jacob 5-6

June 16, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 17: Jacob 5-6

WARNING: Get ready for some serious drinking! Ok, so in this episode mormon god gives us some gardening tips, which is basically to do your best but if all else fails just burn it all. Oh yeah, and welcome back Zenos!

β€œDrink” Count – 42

7 Beers!


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7 Comments on “Episode 17: Jacob 5-6”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Evil Fruit – worst Wrigley’s chewing gum flavor EVER!


  2. David Says:

    Keep up the great work, David… Three cheers for Mymos! Most of the hard to understand part of the book is done! Just about everything in the last 75% of the book is crazy narrative adventures from here on out πŸ™‚


  3. ohokyeah Says:

    Most Mormons due to the imagery in Jacob 5 end up learning about grafting at least a little. It is actually a real thing though, in fact some trees get the entire top of another species is grafted onto another’s roots.


    If I remember all my Seminary teachings correctly, the vineyard imagery is supposed to be representative of the House of Israel with the wild branches being the groups of gentiles and the spreading around of the branches is the scattering of Israel. The roots are the gospel/church. The fruit are the people, I think the servant is supposed to be Christ.


  4. What Says:

    Maybe this has been addressed, since I’m catching up, but why the hell is god planting olives in a vineyard. You plant grapes in a vineyard, that’s why its called a vineyard. Olives would be in a grove.


  5. morgan Says:

    First, I will say that I don’t tweet, I don’t do stitcher, and I don’t do itunes. So i can’t help you there.

    I’m playing catch-up, and this was the best show yet, i think because you were in a fine mood, partly due to your coming into your groove, and also because playing the drinking game increased your verbal lubricity. Remember, this is a book to relish, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, sip by sip. It’s all good.

    For this show, I didn’t miss the dragons, zombies, or angels, or the whoredom of most of the earth (well, ok, maybe a little). Still lots and lots of burning! Looking forward to the future, whether on metal plates or not.

    Also, I’m trying to understand the opening/closing tune lyrics without actually searching it out. Here is what i’ve got:

    What shall we give to the boy in the tent,
    what shall we offer the man by the sea?
    Taunts at his feet, and both sadness of price,
    what is for him, who will carry the tree?

    Poignant, understated and beautiful, both simple and obtuse. However, like DM trying to pronounce Lehi, I fear I have gotten many of the words wrong. Can you read the tune to us?

    (share any of my comments you like, but perhaps keep my name/email anonymous).


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Good try, but here are the actual lyrics to the clip that I play in the intro/exit:

      What shall we give to the boy in the temple,
      what shall we offer the Man by the sea?
      Palms at his feet and hosannas uprising,
      are gifts for Him who will carry the Tree

      Don’t ask me what it’s supposed to mean… I didn’t write it!

      Thanks for the post, and thanks for listening!


  6. Kris Says:

    I recently heard about this podcast so I’m still catching up from the beginning; I know I’m late to the discussion party. But! Did anyone else think of this song as soon as David read “Set the world on fire”? It was the first thing that jumped into my mind:


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