Episode 12: 2 Nephi 25-26

May 26, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 12: 2 Nephi 25-26

Yet another Nephi sermon. In it we learn just how peaceful mormon god is, despite all the killing he did in the last episode.  Oh, and also god gets a little less a racist, which is good, right?

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4 Comments on “Episode 12: 2 Nephi 25-26”

  1. Roger Says:

    I believe the word you’re looking for is etch, as in Nephi etched words onto plates. Seems a little presumptuous to claim that in order to “write” anything it need involve smearing pigment onto some surface.

    Anyways its nice to be off of Isaiah, but it’s not exactly better… there are a number of good stories to look forward to at least. The funny thing is that one of the things you’ll hear all the time within Mormonism is that some frontiers kid couldn’t possibly write something of this exceptional quality, therefore it must be divine. But when you actually read the book, it contains simplistic two dimensional characters, lifting stuff directly from the bible, and endless repetition. I really haven’t seen anything that someone wouldn’t be able to produce given a bible and no video games.


  2. ohokyeah Says:

    2 Nephi 26:15 is strange now that I know that ~95% of the Native Americans died after first contact with the Europeans. The Europeans did not slay most of the Native Americans as per the Book of Mormon narrative, the pathogens they brought with them did. After the Europeans arrived, almost all of the Native American civilizations in both continents collapsed.


  3. Andrea Says:

    All that stuff about the gentiles being camped around and destroying is about the Europeans coming to America and destroying the native Smetana. The voice speaking from the dust is the book of Mormon- the people who wrote it are dead and it came out of the ground. Isn’t it amazing that the book of Mormon is one again prophesying of itself.

    The bishops do NOT get paid! My husband was one of them. Most of the rank and file members put in tons of hours working for the church for free and they don’t know that the high up leaders are paid an undisclosed amount and their kids attend byu for free. People are working to uncover how much these guys gets paid. I always thought they weren’t paid or were just reimbursed for their travel expenses and whatnot.

    Thanks for giving me my mybookofmormonpodcast fix this week!


  4. K Klem Says:

    I’m surprised you are so down on the prophecies of Christ coming. I guess it is no different than living 2000 years after Christ lived on the earth and discounting His ministry (I won’t even get into the whole atonement/paying for sins thing since if you miss this point, well, you miss the whole point of Christ’s work)…so I guess that your comments are consistent.

    I enjoy the concept of just because you can’t see Jesus must mean he doesn’t exist. For heaven’s sake. It is the same reaction of my 1 year old has when I hold a blanked up between him and me. Oh no! Dad is gone because I can’t see him! I think you have to come up with a better approach.


    Rumor of war – Think Ukraine and Russia right now. Not at war right this second…but it is possible it could happen.

    Nephi is sad when his wicked descendents die. It is not that they have died, but they have are not righteous (aligned with God) and die.

    “Speak unto them out of the ground” – A prophecy about the BofM in the later days.

    If you think the bloodshed is bad now…you haven’t seen anything yet (twice)!

    All LDS people serve (work) in the Church as volunteers. There is no paid clergy (although sometimes I wish there were). It certainly keeps the overhead low and gives a great opportunity to help others.


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