Ep 202: D&C 98 – Section 124, Part 5 (the finale!!!!)

April 14, 2018


Ep 202: D&C 98 – Section 124, Part 5 (the finale!!!!)

Sidney Rigdon has been hitting the bottle a bit too hard and is considering going back to Ohio. Joseph strikes that down by telling him to not only stay in Illinois, but to move closer to Joseph’s soon-to-be built mansion. Robert D. Foster enters the timeline! Don’t spoil it for Marie, just google him and leave zero comments about it. Also, Nauvoo House is the 1841 equivalent to a 2018 start-up in Silicon Valley. Viva la Melchizedek Priesthood!!!!

Drink count – ??? This was part 5, I stopped counting long ago


Patron Bonus – Technical Difficulties in Podcasting


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One Comment on “Ep 202: D&C 98 – Section 124, Part 5 (the finale!!!!)”

  1. Jacob Says:

    Luckily for me I don’t have to make up names with my data I work with. Because my department head and my CEO is Mormon and probably 90%+ is Mormon . Also one of the founders on where I work is in The Quorum of the 12 now.


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