Episode 198: D&C 94 – Section 124, Part 1

March 10, 2018


Episode 198: D&C 94 – Section 124, Part 1

Joseph and his BFFs escape/bribe the guards to get out of jail and run off to a malaria-ridden swamp in Illinois. He heads to D.C. to take the saint’s grievances to Pres. Van Buren, saving the passengers of a runaway coach along the way. Van Buren doesn’t help them, so they start the trek back to Illinois.

John C. Bennett enters the timeline by becoming Joseph’s unofficial second in command. He’s a politician/lobbyest whose sway is critical in the creation of the city of Nauvoo. That Nauvoo charter grants Joseph some broad powers that will come in quite handy in the future (but we’re not there yet). It’s the episode where free will doesn’t exist!!!

Drink count – 3

Patron Bonus: Frakkin’ Bad Movie Ep 3 – Lorezno’s Songbook


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2 Comments on “Episode 198: D&C 94 – Section 124, Part 1”

  1. The Mocking Bard Says:

    Photographs of every page of “The Book of the Law of the Lord” can be found here:

    A transcript of all of the revelations contained in it, including Section 124 and some never canonized revelations (one of which outlines how the entire First Presidency can be put on trial!), can be read here:

    A transcript of all of the journal entries contained in it can be found here:

    Historical background on Sections 124 and 125 can be found here:


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