Episode 189: D&C 88 – Section 112

January 6, 2018


Episode 189: D&C 88 – Section 112

Thomas B Marsh is ostensibly the recipient of this revelation, but in reality it’s all about Joseph being the Most Important and that the leadership of the church needs to make sure their assets are belong to the church.

Gold doesn’t melt in campfires!!!

Thomas B Marsh 
Here’s a listing of the current General Authorities and their ages.


Drink count – 11

Patron Bonus: Bryce is about to go into FLDS territory

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2 Comments on “Episode 189: D&C 88 – Section 112”

  1. J. Darnel Says:

    So, in 50 years the Quorum of the 12 will be okay with women working. In 75 years they will start thinking that maybe family planning is not such a bad idea. In 100, they might admit to the possibility that women and minorities are getting the short end of the stick (harassment and societal treatment). In 125 years maybe, just maybe, they’ll endorse equal pay for equal work.


  2. Lee Kalba Says:

    If divine revelation was real, I’d expect one that was something like “And my servant, Joseph shalt keepeth his serpent within his breeches.”


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