Episode 183: D&C 82 – Section 105, Part 2 (feat Zelph on the Shelf)

November 18, 2017


Episode 183: D&C 82 – Section 105, Part 2 (feat Zelph on the Shelf)

Cholera sweeps through the Mormons camped on the Fishing River, which hopefully had nothing to do with the remains of a dead “warrior” that Joseph has been carrying around? Most of the saints stay in Missouri on  account of a lack of resources to return to Kirtland, OH. Joseph and his BFFs get on a wagon and return to Ohio.

Check out Zelph on the Shelf here! 
They’re on YouTube here.

Drink count – 7, or about one beer

The “real” Zelph can be read about here.


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One Comment on “Episode 183: D&C 82 – Section 105, Part 2 (feat Zelph on the Shelf)”

  1. Gottfried TheHirsute Says:

    I’m late to this party, but I’d be remiss for not mentioning that Joseph’s ‘knack’ for repurposing place names holds true in the story of Zelph as well.

    The theory goes that Joseph created names in the Book of Mormon from place names in his vicinity (e.g. “Onidah” from Oneida, NY; “Lehi” from Lehigh, PA; “Morianton” from Moraviantown, Ontario, Canada; etc.)

    I distinctly remember reading the account of the Zelph incident for the first time and thinking how cool it was that Joseph could ‘see’ this history! However, when it mentioned “the Prophet Onondagus,” my inner geographer kicked in and said “Wait– isn’t there an Onondaga Lake not far from Palmyra?” But then my inner apologist kicked in and said “Of course! The lake was named after the prophet and the name has come down to us through all these years. The Book of Mormon is true!” And there the issue sat for a number of years, until…

    And I now think that this may have actually been the first ‘item’ placed on my ‘shelf’! 😀


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