Episode 176: D&C 75, Section 101, Part 1

September 30, 2017


Episode 176: D&C 75, Section 101, Part 1

God is allowing the Mormons to be persecuted because apparently they’re sinning too much? Sidney Rigdon (probably) scribed this amazing piece of victim-blaming.

Watchmen upon the tower

Patron Bonus Episode: Marie tours the Creation Museum and isn’t struck by lightning

Drink Count – 11, or a little over a beer


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One Comment on “Episode 176: D&C 75, Section 101, Part 1”

  1. The Mocking Bard Says:

    The LDS Church may well be on the wrong side of history with LGBTQ rights and other social issues, but the whole point of having “Watchmen on the Tower” is to warn of things that they see from their “perspective” that the average man on the street does not. From the Mormon point of view, speaking AGAINST popular social trends, rather than endorsing them, is EXACTLY what a modern prophet would do. (Of course, it helps if taking a strong position doesn’t blow up in one’s face later, as did polygamy, blacks and the priesthood, supporting Prop 8, etc. But the truly faithful will always be convinced that things will eventualy work out, even if there are setbacks along the way, and especially so if people are harshly critical of you — i.e., persecute you — for doing what you do and believing what you believe.)


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