Episode 174: D&C 73 – Section 98

September 9, 2017


Episode 174: D&C 73 – Section 98

Joseph waxes poetical about the importance of forgiveness. How much, how often, how to ensure generational feuds are perpetuated etc. The headings indicate it’s about Zion, but since it only mentions Kirtland….. Yeah. Guess how Marie and Bryce feel about that.

Drink Count – 9 (or about one beer)

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3 Comments on “Episode 174: D&C 73 – Section 98”

  1. George Nash (@gnash117) Says:

    True Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s would not fight or shed blood (at least according to the BoM story). The reason they would not shed blood was because when they converted to the Ammon’s Church of Christ they made a covenant that they would not raise up arms against others again.

    They then buried there weapons later when some Laminites came to attack them the did not fight back and the Laminites killed over a 1000 of the Ant-Nephi-Lehi. Before they decided of man these guy are not going to fight us. Maybe we are the bad guys. They must be super good. Lets Join these guys and make the same covenant.

    Now you have this big group of people that will not lift arms to protect themselves and they are being killed left and right by the Other Laminites that did not join the Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s. So the flee to the Nephites that protect them from the Laminites.

    Thing is the only people that will not fight are the ones that made the covenant not to shed blood. The Nephites that protect them can still fight and kill and be considered good.

    In fact the covenant didn’t even extend to there Children that later join the army of Helaman. The children of this group were so good that God gave them extra blessing and protected them in many battles. Even against foes that were much stronger than there small army.

    Point is that covenent made by they Anti-Nephi-Lehi was not a commandment from God so it does not apply to mormons in general. This was a covenent made with God not request from God. Does that make since.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I find it a little off-putting that the section heading merely says that “two Church members” were tarred and feathered by a Missouri mob in July 1833, but fails to go just one step further to specify that one of those two was none other than our good friend, Bishop Edward Partridge.

    The mob also ransacked the church’s printing office at that time, and reams of pages being printed for the Book of Commandments were destroyed as well, which is at least one reason the volume is so scarce today. All Mormon children (or at least the ones who paid attention in church) have heard the story of teenage Mary Elizabeth Rollins, who with her sister Caroline bravely ran out into the street where the pages had been thrown, each grabbed up as big an armful as they could, and hid out in a cornfield until the mob finished their work, thus saving upwards of a hundred copies of the Book of Commandments from destruction.

    That one story is pretty much all that most LDS church members are ever taught about the Book of Commandments, or about Mary Elizabeth Rollins, whose later history in the church… I’m sure will not be the least bit interesting or heart-breaking…


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