Episode 158: D&C 58 – Sections 78, 79, 80

May 13, 2017


Episode 158: D&C 58 – Sections 78, 79, 80

Help us make the 1876 D&C into something usable! Email Joel Kuhn at dccompare@gmail.com to help with the proofreading. Thanks!

The poor are established (built up, not created) via the United Firm. This is a fancy way to say the church is setting up a welfare system for members of the church.

Joseph revelates himself into a nickname, and maybe a city? You must be equal here on earth to get equal things in heaven (except some people are MORE equal). If you want to get into heaven make sure you’re doing all the things you’re  supposed to down here. Joseph and his peeps get code names. CODE NAMES (omg). Adam-on-diamon is a place where the big wigs give their keys to Jesus via Adam, who will usher in the end times.

Jared Carter
Stephen Burnett
Eden Smith

Hearts Made Glad, by LaMar Peterson – An book by and LDS historian that asserted Joseph Smith’s propensity to alter his mind. A lot.

Welfare Square

Dante’s Inferno

God Awful Movies – The Burning Hell 

Salt: A World History

Drink count – 12, or about two beers

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6 Comments on “Episode 158: D&C 58 – Sections 78, 79, 80”

  1. Angie Says:

    So here’s a couple of definitions I learned in my youth:
    Priesthood is the power and authority to act in God’s name on Earth. Priesthood keys are a specific assignment or mission to do something that requires priesthood power. So many people can hold the same priesthood, yet different keys. For example, two bishops hold the same priesthood, but each has different keys which give them authority over their specific wards(congregations). This is why one bishop cannot receive revelation for another ward. Joseph Smith’s keys were related to the Restoration of the true gospel and ushering in the “Fullness of Times.”

    So back in my BYU religion class days-a very long time ago-when I learned that at Adam ondi ahman, prior to the Second Coming, all priesthood keys would be returned up the line to Joseph Smith, then to Adam, then to Jesus Christ (this is so when Christ reigns during the Millennium he will hold all the keys), it caused me a great deal of conflict when we would sing of Joseph Smith in the hymn “Praise to the Man” the words “great is his glory and endless his priesthood, ever and ever the keys he will hold.” No he will not hold the keys forever, he will have to return them to Christ.

    Perhaps it is well known, but is interesting to note that W.W. Phelps wrote a hymn about
    Adam ondi Ahman. It is in the current LDS hymnal, #49:

    “This earth was once a garden place,
    With all her glories common,
    And men did live a holy race,
    And worship Jesus face to face,
    In Adam-ondi-Ahman

    “We read that Enoch walked with God,
    Above the pow’r of mammon,
    While Zion spread herself abroad,
    And Saints and angels sang aloud,
    In Adam-ondi-Ahman.

    Her land was good and greatly blest,
    Beyond all Israel’s Canaan;
    Her fame was known from east to west
    Her peace was great, and pure the rest
    Of Adam-ondi-Ahman.

    Hosanna to such days to come
    The Savior’s second coming,
    When all the earth in glorious bloom
    Affords the Saints a holy name,
    Like Adam-ondi-Ahman.”

    This hymn was included in the first LDS hymnal in 1835, and is set to an Appalachian hymn tune from Southern Harmony, 1835.


  2. My Book of Mormon Says:

    It isn’t well known to me, so thank you for posting about this! This whole keys business, it totally blindsided me. Every time I think I’ve got a hold on Mormon everything then something like the keys show up and bam! I’m right back to being clueless.


  3. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    You guys like to call the end of the world “The Rapture”, but just so you know, Mormons never, ever call it that. If you want to attain to an impeccable mastery of Mormon lingo, they just call it “The Second Coming”.

    The angel Michael was identified, back in D&C 27, as Adam, who was also referred to as “the ancient of days”, an allusion to a figure in the apocalyptic visions of Daniel that most Bible readers equate to God. But who in their right mind would ever confuse Adam with God? That would be crazy…


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