Episode 137: D&C 38 – Sections 55 and 56

December 3, 2016


Episode 137: D&C 38 – Sections 55 and 56

If you leave the church you can get back all the money you donated to it. Caveat, this only works if your name is Ezra Thayre. Poor-shaming!

Drink count – 11, or about one beer


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Creflo Dollar is an extremely wealthy televangelist

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2 Comments on “Episode 137: D&C 38 – Sections 55 and 56”

  1. James R Wharton Says:

    My understanding is that Ezra Thayre had set aside over 700 acres of land to provide a settlement for poor converts arriving in Kirtland who could not find lodging on their own. He also arranged for the construction of cheap housing on the land. In return, he expected these converts to provide labor at his other projects in lieu of rents.

    Joseph and his advisers expected the land was a gift to the church; therefore, the labor of the settlers on it were also to the benefit of the church. This was the property dispute that led to the temporary excommunication of Ezra.

    Also, apparently some of the new converts objected to working without paid compensation.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    It didn’t occur to me at first to post a picture of W.W. Phelps, since I wasn’t even sure I had ever seen one, but I suppose if someone like Isaac Morley got that treatment, Phelps certainly deserves it as well.

    Whatever significant role Phelps had in the church at the time period we’re looking at and later, he’s probably best remembered by the church today for the hymns he wrote, most notably “The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning”, written for the occasion of the Kirtland Temple dedication, and “Praise to the Man”, a tribute to Joseph Smith written shortly after his death. (SPOILER ALERT: Joseph Smith is dead.)

    Well, he wrote the lyrics, at least. The tune of “Praise to the Man” is basically “Scotland the Brave” without the bagpipes. I suppose it’s only fair to mention that Phelps’ original declaration that “long shall his blood, which was shed by assassins, stain Illinois while the earth lauds his fame”, got a small makeover in the early 20th century. Instead of “stain Illinois”, it now says, “plead unto heav’n”.


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