Episode 130: D&C 31 – Section 46 (Feat. Joel Kuhn!!!)

October 15, 2016


Episode 130: D&C 31 – Section 46 (Feat. Joel Kuhn!!!)

I saw the (spiritual) signs, I opened up the D&C, I saw the (spiritual) signs. #danceparty

Drink count – 5


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12 Comments on “Episode 130: D&C 31 – Section 46 (Feat. Joel Kuhn!!!)”

  1. Marsgirl Says:

    Thanks for having Joel on the show; it was a privilege and a treat. I am so totally amazed that Joel constructed his website in a weekend; it has been a great help for me as I listen to the episodes; so a big thanks to Joel.

    My take on the spiritual gift which is called the “word of wisdom” in verse 17 is the gift of judgement which enables the “wise application of knowledge.” The “word of wisdom” which will be introduced in Section 89 is a law of health. Of course, how can you be wise if you are not keeping the “Word of Wisdom?” Elder Oaks, one of the Twelve Apostles,says in one of his talks that you must have the gift of the Holy Ghost in order to receive any spiritual gifts and since both men and women have received the Holy Ghost both can receive these spiritual gifts. A lot of believing Christians may take insult to know that their spiritual gifts may be bogus because they haven’t received the one and only true gift of the Holy Ghost via the Mormon Confirmation ceremony. Also these spiritual gifts aren’t just passed out to anyone without their praying, fasting, living in harmony with principles of the gospel, and obeying the commandments including the “Word of Wisdom.”

    As a former member I did not have any of the distinctive spiritual gifts like being able to heal someone, talk in tongues, discern things, or perform miracles; if I had I think I would have been kind of freaked out.


  2. Kathryn Says:

    I can’t remember if I’ve left a comment since the shift in personnel. Just wanted to say that Marie is a great host. Sometimes I get lost in all the verbiage, but she’s good at pulling the important things out. Bryce and guest host Joel aren’t so bad either 🙂


  3. Derek Says:

    Marie, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…watch your plurals in the title of the D&C it is Doctrine (SINGULAR) and Covenants (PLURAL). You almost always refer to both of them as a plural, and it is NEVER DOCTRINES – ALWAYS DOCTRINE. Save me agonizing screaming at my iPod.


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Holy crap, I’d never noticed that before. I’ll watch for it from here on out. How to tell I’m a never-Mo, eh?


    • MarsGirl Says:

      I once attended a Relief Society Meeting where one of the Sisters got her panties-in-a-wad because the Sister who was teaching the class kept using the term “D and C” for the “Doctrine and Covenants. The teacher was publicly chastised about her error and was quite taken aback. Now this woman who was voluntarily giving a lesson about some dead LDS President was serving a mission, again voluntarily, for the Church in our area and was in her late 60’s or early 70’s. I thought this type of public criticism was totally uncalled for. So please if someone is so agonized that he/she feels like screaming through the ether at Marie, please remember that Marie is not nor has ever been a Mormon nor has she ever attended Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, Relief Society, or any of the other myriad church functions. Come on… give her a break for crissakes.


  4. help3434 Says:

    18 minutes in: No they are not kicked out of the sacrament meeting.

    20 minutes: No disfellowshiped and excommunicated members don’t have to sit in the lobby during sacrament meeting.

    22 minutes: Now Bryce seems to understand someone not taking the sacrament can pass it to the next person without leaving the chapel to sit in the lobby. What is going on here?


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      I got an email about this from another listener, too. I’ve recorded ahead a bit, so Bryce and I are going to talk about it on a future episode. It might not air for a few weeks? In the meantime, in your experience what do disfellowshiped and excommunicated members do during sacrament meeting?


      • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

        Since the Lord’s own D&C revelations are too vague to use in actually running the modern church, church leaders follow the Church Handbook of Instruction, which is as holy scripture to them. The contents of Volume 1 of this handbook are not publicly disseminated, but are available on the Internet after having been leaked.

        Anyway, the official church policy on disfellowshipped and excommunicated members is as follows:

        “A person who is disfellowshipped may not hold a temple recommend, serve in a Church position, or exercise the priesthood in any way. He is encouraged to attend public Church meetings if his conduct is orderly, but he may not give a talk, offer a public prayer, partake of the sacrament, or participate in the sustaining of Church officers.”

        “A person who is excommunicated does not enjoy any privileges of Church membership. He may not wear temple garments or pay tithes and offerings. He may attend public Church meetings if his conduct is orderly, but his participation in such meetings is limited the same as for disfellowshipped members.”


      • help3434 Says:

        The only experience I have is working with a woman who was excommunicated and wanted to be rebaptised when I was on my mission. I think she just sat in the chapel with everyone else, but didn’t take the sacrament, but I don’t really remember.


  5. My Book of Mormon Says:

    Hi all – Bryce and I are recording tonight and we’re going to discuss disfellowshipped and excommunicated members and what they can/can’t do during sacrament meetings. I recorded ahead, so the episode will go up the first weekend in November. Thank you for all your feedback! – Marie


  6. J. Reuben Clerk Says:

    Disfellowshipment typically bans someone from taking the sacrament. I’d be shocked if anyone, as part of disfellowshipment, was banned to the foyer outside of the chapel during the sacrament meeting itself. Of course, one who can’t take the sacrament may choose to hang out in the foyer to avoid the public shaming of not taking the sacrament in the chapel for all to see. Disfellowshipment often forbids someone from taking the sacrament, holding a calling, offering public prayers in church, and giving talks in church. It is hugely shaming not to take the sacrament or decline to say a prayer.


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