Episode 118: D&C 36-37

July 24, 2016


Episode 118: D&C 36-37

Two quickie revelations ensure that a local rich dude feels extra special, and that a Bible translation is paused due to impending church migration from NY to OH. Marie and Bryce rejoice in finishing these revelations so quickly, then take a turn for the dark when Marie rants about how the primary spiritual gift for women sometimes kills them.

Four drinks, or less than one beer, but I think you should just take big swigs.


To read along with us, go here: http://joelakuhn.com/dc-compare/

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13 Comments on “Episode 118: D&C 36-37”

  1. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    What it sounds like to hear Marie and Bryce try to say Canandaigua:


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Edward Partridge:


  3. J. Reuben Clerk Says:

    Marie’s excitement in her accomplishments (finishing reading each section) is experiencing a key aspect of life in the modern LDS church.

    A big part of the LDS experience is “the checklist” — the idea that LDS church members have a large list of expectations/commandments to follow, including reading the scriptures. Often, to meet the “reading the scriptures” checklist item, they will set a goal to read one chapter/section, one page or one verse (not kidding about the “one verse”) per day, just so they can meet the goal and feel good about themselves. Of course, the overall list of expectations is HUGE and can be overwhelming, so setting easy-to-meet checklist goals is how some LDS church members can feel like they are making spiritual progress.


  4. Jeff Says:

    The feeling of being so special that God has a revelation just for you is a big driving force behind the appeal of a patriarchal blessing in the modern church. This is when a priesthood holder with the office of “patriarch” lays his hands upon your head and basically gives you a revelation similar to all these D&C sections, but usually a little more detailed (though not very specific unless the patriarch knows details of your personal life that he can include).


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Are you talking about back in history, or today? Tell me you’re not talking about today, because my brain may dribble out my ear if random priesthood holders are giving revelations today.


      • Jeff Says:

        Oh, it’s very much a today thing. The youth in the church are all taught to look forward to and be worthy to receive their patriarchal blessing, and many faithful members keep a copy in their scriptures, to be read and studied just like any other scripture. They’re a little different than your typical D&C section, though; it’s not written in God-first-person viewpoint, and normally it’s a little longer, covering a big chunk of the recipient’s life instead of “you will serve a mission to the Lamanites in three weeks” or whatever. It’s a whole big thing in the church. I think the D&C talks about them at some point down the line (somewhere past section 100), but it won’t be for a while.


  5. help3434 Says:

    It kind of ticked me off here to listen to Bryce act like there are no callings for women in the LDS Church and that there only role is to bear children.


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Having not grown up in the LDS church, my only context is what I’ve read thus far in the Mormon religious canon, and up until 1831 women are only tangentially mentioned. Even then, it’s only in negative. I know women can’t enter the priesthood, something that excludes them from true church leadership roles. Correct? What are some of the other callings for women other than bearing children?


      • help3434 Says:

        ” What are some of the other callings for women other than bearing children?”

        Relief Society leadership, Relief Society teacher, Young Women’s instructor,, Visiting Teacher, Primary leader, Primary teacher, Sunday School teacher, chorister. Church Welfare committee, Temple coordinator. Ward Activities director. Seminary teacher, Institute teacher. missionary, Ward missionary, Family History consultant…


  6. My Book of Mormon Says:

    Aren’t those basically jobs, not spiritual gifts or callings? The men get to prophesy, heal through faith, speak in tongues. Women get to… do the paperwork? My point is that men get the snazzy stuff, women get the drudgery.


    • help3434 Says:

      In LDS lingo those “jobs” are called callings. I would say that there are more callings for men that involve paper work for men. For whatever reason women aren’t called to be Stake or Ward clerks or Executive Secretaries. Although women aren’t ordained with the priesthood women anoint women in the temple.


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