Episode 116 D&C 34

July 11, 2016


Episode 116 D&C 34

BREAKING NEWS, yet another guy is sent forth into the wilderness to preach the gospel. We also have a brief discussion of blood moons and Stargate SG-1, because astronomy is cool. A measly seven drinks, or approximately one beer.

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8 Comments on “Episode 116 D&C 34”

  1. methodgt Says:

    Loved the mini-episode. Short and sweet, and I like that you did your homework.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    Joseph Smith and the Pratt boys, Orson (left) and Parley (right):


  3. Jeff Says:

    I always thought Parley looked a little bit like Dan Aykroyd, at least in some pictures.


  4. My Book of Mormon Says:

    In my professional opinion, they look like confused dudes with combovers.

    Gotta ask, though, are these guys recognizable to people raised in the church? Are their portraits hung in church foyers or something?


    • Duke of Earl Grey Says:

      No, these guys are too minor to get portraits in the foyer. Joseph Smith and maybe other church presidents might get that treatment, but in the last twenty years or so, the church has made a conscious effort to keep artwork in churches Jesus-centric (I guess to counter criticism that they’re “not really Christians”, as if this changed anyone’s opinion), so even they don’t show up there too often anymore. But pictures of the old church leaders are all over lesson manuals and such, so yes, they’re recognizable to a lot of Mormons.

      Besides, I just like posting pictures here.


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