Episode 93: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories (FULL VERSION)

August 9, 2015


Episode 93: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories (FULL VERSION)

David’s son Roman tackles the children’s version of The Book of Mormon, and he comes to some unique conclusions to describe what in the world is going on. By popular request, this has been made into a standalone episode. Please leave your comments if you’d like to hear more episodes like this.  Enjoy!

WARNING: If you’ve already listened to Episodes 90 & 91, then you won’t find any new content here, this is just Part 1 and 2 compiled together as a standalone episode.

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5 Comments on “Episode 93: Special Episode – Roman and BOM Stories (FULL VERSION)”

  1. Deg Says:

    Nothing new for me here then…


  2. johanges Says:

    You rock Roman!
    More episodes please.


  3. Spanner Says:

    Yes, May we have more episodes please!


  4. Spanner Says:

    Something you may want to think about – checking the content first. My young son was pretty traumatized when my parents had him watch an animated Book of Mormon cartoon. It included the bit where evil King Noah had the prophet Abinadi burned at the stake. Awful. They depicted the whole bonfire thing.


  5. Wulf Says:

    This episode featuring Roman is awesome. Keep up the good work and thanks… Wulf from Aberdeen in Scotland’


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