Episode 82: BOM Recap and Ramblings

June 1, 2015


Click to Listen: Episode 82: BOM Recap and Ramblings

The long awaited “final thoughts” of the Book of Mormon is here.  I do my best attempt to abridge this abridged book, and then share my thoughts about the whole thing. Hopefully I made some sense along the way.

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10 Comments on “Episode 82: BOM Recap and Ramblings”

  1. Will Roberts Says:


    To your question of why the BoM would lead someone to the LDS church, the answer will be revealed to you in the first section of the Doctrine and Covenants. This isn’t really a spoiler but Mormons believe their church is the one and only true church with authority from God to act in God’s name. Never mind that whole “succession crisis” that lingered for years after Joseph Smith’s murder and never mind that there are over 100 different branches of Mormonism. It’s better if you just don’t think about those things.


    • Clint Kimball Says:

      Yes. The Book of Mormon only represents Joseph Smith’s ideas in 1829, which were basically mainstream Protestant. The Mormon Church wasn’t even started until 1830, and most of the unique teachings trickled in piecemeal over the next fourteen years. It’s that later stuff that missionaries will try to teach you. The Book of Mormon is merely the hook to get you to trust Joseph Smith in the first place.


  2. newnamemiriam Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for this podcast. I started binge listening a few weeks ago, and by lucky chance I caught up just as you finished. As someone who was raised Mormon, there were so many things I just never noticed about the Book of Mormon. The indoctrination is so heavy that you go through life like a horse with blinders on. You just never even know what else is out there. This book is never read cover to cover in church — it’s presented carefully in slices with information cherry-picked and manipulated so that the crazy doesn’t seem so obvious. Only an outsider’s perspective could have illuminated the book so well.

    I spent a lot of time laughing out loud during this podcast, and my nevermo husband would ask what was so funny. There are so many wacky parts, and getting to tell him about them and watching him widen his eyes and shake his head was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the Pearl of Great Price. I’d especially like to see what you make of the three facsimiles.

    Thanks again and keep rocking on!


  3. Tina Says:

    I really like your recap. Now that you have read it, I highly recommend a drive to Palmyra, NY to see some of the LDS historical sites. It’s a real trip (no pun intended). I didn’t want to fluster the people who worked there, so I kindly kept my comments limited to my own inner dialogue when I visited. However, you will be struck by additional details that don’t even register in the BOM or Joseph Smith History. For instance, you’ll see that Smith slept in the same tiny room as many of his siblings when Moroni appeared to him for several nights in a row. Yet nobody else awoke during all those visitations. Standing in the actual room lets you see just how tiny it really was.

    A lesser site is the JS birthplace in Sharon, VT. The sweet, elderly woman working there was so proud of the JS monument having the largest, monolithic, polished granite shaft in the US. (Even in my most TBM days, hearing an old lady rave about a large, polished shaft would have made me chuckle.)

    Anyway, someday I would love to hear your memoirs of a BOM road trip, especially if you managed to time it so you could watch the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant.


    • Scott Says:

      I don’t know about going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant but I messaged David and Recommended he attend the Man to Pageant which will be going on during his visit to Utah. The best part of the pageant is watching the crazy evangelicalswith their big signs trying to bible bash with the Mormons before the pageant starts.


  4. Ephima Morphew Says:

    Mymonia casts light into the Mormon Organ

    Chronicler David Michael, your confusion is gratefully received. Your admission as to your inability to frame the veracity of the BoM (Book of Mormon) is not a moral failing but confirmation of your innocence, it is regrettable, that as a gentile, the Mormon Quelle has escaped your spiritual countenance that may have led you to become a True Believing Mormon –– one must believe to understand. Here, the unwashed (innocent) are the chosen ones and the adherents are the misguided seekers of fantastic lunacy.
    A Cliff Notes version of Mormonism:
    Looking forward to the Pearl of Great price, loonacy (lunacy) taken to another level is flirting with the Deepest Thoughts of he Mormon Tribe.
    Ether was great as an analgesic for mormons but The Pearl of Great Price niggles at the meat and forgets about the milk and heaps more potatoes dripping with gravy on the spiritual plate of Mormondom.

    Thank you for your contribution to human kind.


  5. saintralph343 Says:

    I liked the part where Moroni says–more than once–that you have to believe and have faith because if you don’t believe and have faith it will all go poof.

    In second grade Miss Nelson (the first grown-up woman I ever had a crush on) gave us each a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s day. They were small enough to fit in our shirt pocket, but they had to be properly cared for and we had to be very careful not to crush them. It was supposed to be an exercise in imagination or something. Well, after about four days of realizing I had probably just trashed my leprechaun by tossing my shirt in the washer without removing him from the pocket first, or going to bed without removing him from my pajama pocket, I finally just said, “Screw it. I’ve had it with feeling bad about forgetting something that doesn’t exist. If it existed, I’d remember it, or I’d have a damn good reason for feeling bad because I’d have actually killed the damn thing.” I didn’t start swearing till the third grade, so those probably weren’t my exact words, but that was the gist of it. I gave up pretending about the leprechaun because the effort required to manifest it produced nothing but guilt. A week later, even the teacher didn’t ask about our leprechauns because the curriculum had moved on to Easter Bunnies. All of my attempts at religion over the years have all pretty much paralleled the leprechaun experience.

    So, I think I’ll take Moroni at his word and just let there be no leprechauns.


  6. Deg Says:

    I’d like to identify myself as a TBM, and I enjoy David’s humor throughout the Podcast, and this is typically what people have questions about while reading it. There are plenty of faithful answers to the questions he poses throughout the podcasts.

    At other times I scratch my head wondering why you ask the question… there are parts in the book of Mormon where I literally felt God speak to me, and I’m amazed how the spirit of God didn’t speak to you… I wonder if you were just too focused on criticizing the content of the Book of Mormon rather than allowing God to speak to you as you read it.

    As you strive to seek meaning from the scriptures is precisely the moment when God can speak to you and receive personal revelation applicable to your life and circumstances… forget about what the book actually says, and listen to what God (or your conscience if you will) is really saying to you.

    At the end of the day, Religion is what we say it is… if we mock it and make mean nothing in our lives, then that what it is to you. If we glorify our faith and give it divine interpretation it can be of eternal value. The eternities will be what we think of them… but I hope in the next life we can all get together to look back and have a good laugh.

    Thanks again.


  7. Andrew Says:

    Really excellent synopsis. Thank you. Exactly what I was hoping for. Keep things unscripted.


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