Episode 42: Alma 26-29

October 6, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 42: Alma 26-29

In this one we get a tremendous battle, the likes of which has never been seen, but sadly it ends up being quite anti-climactic. Also, the newly converted Lamanites go to live with their Nephite brothers, but the Nephites decide to play mafia boss with them instead. And of course, those evil Amalekites just keep getting more and more evil!

“Drink” Count – 70

Almost 12 Beers! (seriously, I highly recommend against playing along this time!)


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3 Comments on “Episode 42: Alma 26-29”

  1. Fel Says:

    12 Beers is nothing here in Utah. I’ve seen people drink that and just get a light buzz. Alcohol levels are so low in beers, you’d be better off drinking mouth wash.


  2. Duke of Earl Grey Says:

    I think I may have explained the geography badly a few episodes ago, but the Lamanites live south of the Nephites, not north of them. The Nephites and Lamanites would both be confined to South America (or wherever) at this point, and the Nephites would presumably be up around Colombia, blocking off access to Central America and North America, according to the traditional reckoning.

    This may not turn out to be important, but the geography will come into play a bit more in upcoming chapters, in which, as you hoped, we’ll get some battle descriptions that are substantially more specific than what we’ve had so far. We may need to wade through some lengthy, preachy lectures before then, however…


  3. Scott Gines Says:

    Why are there missionaries? Would you prefer to walk the Earth in darkness in your mortal life, or would you rather have the guidance and blessings of God heaped upon you? The common phrase in Mormonism is that the windows of heaven will be opened and the blessings so plentiful that you don’t even have room to receive them all… but only for Mormons, and really only for Mormons that pay their tithing.

    Bottom line, it is better to live a mortal life with God’s blessings and risk going to hell than to live in the darkness and be assured a life in heaven.

    As atheists, don’t we always say that leaving religion and living in the real world is SO much better? But why? On it’s face, wouldn’t it be better to believe that you could see grandma again in the afterlife? Isn’t it better to believe that an all knowing God is looking out for you and will help you with your life decisions? Why would anyone try and convert them away from that? Because walking in the truth is so much more freeing than living in the shackles of religion. The religious believe the same thing, only from their point of view, right?

    Along the same line of reasoning, in Mormonism it is believed that if you die before 8 years old, you are automatically assured a salvation. By all logic, as a loving parent, you should kill your kids before they turn 8 to ensure they make it into heaven. In practice, of course, nobody does this. Because it’s insane!

    Side rant: I don’t think you’ve quite grasped just how important paying tithing is to a Mormon. It’s equated with the phrase above (the windows of heaven one), it’s called “fire insurance” because at the rapture (Mormons don’t really use the term rapture, they call it the 2nd coming), when the world is burned, those who are diligent in paying tithing are GUARANTEED not to burn. You cannot enter the temple unless you are a full tithe payer, which means you cannot go to the highest level of glory in Heaven. Everything you have is because God generously gave it to you, so if God asks for 10% of what is already His, who are you to complain?? He can take away EVERYTHING (and will!) if you don’t pay your 10%. If you do pay your 10%, your wealth will increase.

    Being outside of the Church, I can see just how incredibly cultish this is. A very large percentage of the teachings revolve around making sure that paying tithing is met with grand rewards and not paying tithing is among the lowest of sins.

    /side rant


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