Episode 35: Mymo Family UNITE!

September 4, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 35: Mymo Family Unite!

Sorry, no BOM reading this time. Instead, I wanted to give some great news to the Mymo Family, and ask for their help in helping to save lives. The Mymo Family generosity has already saved lives, and I know we can save even more!  Please visit any of these sites to contribute:




Like and Follow

Like and Follow

2 Comments on “Episode 35: Mymo Family UNITE!”

  1. Tina Says:

    Love the Mymo support idea. An additional resource for people looking for a community where they feel like they can actually be themselves or “come out” re: a faith transition… Mormon Stories Podcast Community on Facebook. It’s a closed group – only people in the group can see your comments – and the moderator has to approve your membership. Anyone who is familiar w/John Dehlin’s “Mormon Stories” podcast may have already heard of it. It’s geared toward current Mo, post-Mo, ex-Mo, doubting-Mo… basically anyone who has or has previously had connection w/the LDS church but who has doubts… doubts about anything from modern-day treatment of women in the church to the Book of Abraham to the whitewashing of church history. The main rules of the forum are to not personally attack anyone for either his lack of belief or his continuance of belief; i.e., the basic don’t-be-a-jerk rule. I hope that any Mymo who feels there is nobody who understands them will check it out.



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