Episode 20: Mosiah 1-2

June 26, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 20: Mosiah 1-2

So King Benjamin names his son Mosiah as the new king, and he sure has a long drawn out way of doing it. This episode also includes a humble request from your host David Michael.

β€œDrink” Count – 8

A little over 1 Beer


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10 Comments on “Episode 20: Mosiah 1-2”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Don’t apologize, just put up a link so it’s easier for people to contribute. We’re the ones begging you to read more!


  2. jwartena Says:

    Hey, David, I’d like to support the show. It’s great, but I just have one question.

    The Patreon program does contributions by episode. Are you going to release new episodes on a schedule (e.g. one a week for four a month) so we can know in advance how much we will be contributing? It could get confusing if one week several episodes were released and the next week only one.

    If there isn’t to be a schedule, which is fine, you may want to alert listeners that they have the option to cap their monthly contribution. That way they can budget for a maximum amount each month.



    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      You are correct in that you can either commit to pledging for every episode (regardless of how many I release), or you can cap your monthly contribution. My best guess is that I’ll release 6 a month. I’ve committed to one a week, but I’ve been finding the time to do 2 a week fairly often. I hope that answers your question.

      Thanks for your support!!


  3. Matthew Timion Says:

    Question: does the pledge stop once the Book of Mormon is done being read? In other words: Will you be setting up a separate pledge drive for D&C, PofGP, etc.?


    • My Book of Mormon Says:

      Before I answer your question let me be the first to declare that all Mymos must bow down to the show’s first Mymo Prophet! Prophet Timion, we are honored to be in your presense!!! You are truly AWESOME!

      Ok, to answer your question, that’s entirely up to you. I think I’ll keep the name of the show even once we move past BOM and into the other books (just for the sake of simplicity), but anyone that decided to become a Patron can withdraw at any time they wish (of course, I hope all the Patrons stay with me for the long haul, but they certainly are not required to…)


  4. bigpony87 Says:

    I’d listen to this for a dollar!


  5. auntiecatherine Says:

    Suffer – in this context – means “allow” or “permit”. He was suffered to be king ie he was allowed (presumably by God) to be kind.


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