Episode 9: 2 Nephi 11-15

May 16, 2014


Click to Listen: Episode 9: 2 Nephi 11-15

I’ve been told that the so called Isaiah chapters are just too boring to read… well… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Personally, I think Isaiah is hilarious, I hope you agree! Don’t forget the new game, you have to drink after every “It came to pass” and of course, “Yea”!

“Drink” Count – 8

A little over 1 Beer


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7 Comments on “Episode 9: 2 Nephi 11-15”

  1. Keri S. Says:

    Great job! You actually made Isaiah interesting!


  2. Keri S. Says:

    Also, if anyone takes you up on your drinking game – Beware! “It came to pass” is in the Book of Mormon 1,296 times.


  3. Scottie Says:

    By the way, the “3 witnesses” that Nephi was talking about is Nephi prophesying of the 3 witnesses that attested that they saw the golden plates. The ones your read about in Episode 1.


  4. Andrea Says:

    it only takes me 2 drinks and then i’m under the table


  5. ohokyeah Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it left me giggling. (I was sober and still laughing).


  6. K Klem Says:

    Couple notes:
    Anything capitalized tends to reference Jesus Christ. Zion: Jackson County, Missouri (See Doctrine and Covenants); Jerusalem: Jerusalem, Israel. An ensign is like a flag. It is carried by a flag bearer in an Army to tell people who the army represents. If you like or belong to a particular group, you would rally around that flag or ensign.

    Nephi is restating parts of Isaiah’s writings (see chapter summaries). Isiah is tough because he flips between spiritual prophecy, moral commentary and political opinion sometimes within the same verse. Sometimes he address all of this at the same time using metaphors and imagery. It is hard to understand Isaiah without understanding what was going on during this time. You’re going to love it when Nephi says he loves Isaiah because it is so understandable.


  7. NOYB Says:

    Good job.

    This is the place in the Book of Mormon that even the most dedicated members intent on reading the book cover to cover start to peter out. Why? Chapter 15.

    When you first started I thought… wait until he gets to the Isaiah chapters. Then Jacob chapter 5 came to mind.

    Good job so far. As you can see I have some catching up to do.


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